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Who needs our Service?

Realtors - You owe it to your client to refer them to a licensed and bonded contractor who will give them quality service at an affordable price.  You owe it to yourself to only recommend a company who protects you against the liability of using an unlicensed contractor.  If you have a great Handyman please refer them to us, we are expanding and will be needing to add quality workmen to our team.

Seller's - You have done everything to get your home sold.  You hired a good agent, you priced the property property and presented so the buyer can recognize the value.  There is now only one thing between you and the successful sale of your home: The inspection report and the corresponding request for repairs.  Give yourself and your buyer the confidence of using a licensed contractor.

Buyer's - You are paying a lot of money for a home.  You can know that the repairs you have requested are being performed by competent and reliable people.  Ask for your Real Estate Inspection Repairs to be provided by Built to Last Home Improvement. 




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